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Wholesales of Petroleum Products

Bashneft offers wholesale delivery of a wide range of petrochemicals, petroleum and gas products that meet modern technological and environmental standards. The product range includes motor gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, fuel oil, petroleum needle coke, sulfur, a wide range of engine, gear and industrial oils, as well as polypropylene, polyethylene, phenol, acetone, rubber, liquefied gases, and other products.

For wholesale purchase of petrochemicals, petroleum and gas products, you need to place a written order containing the following information:

  1. Product name
  2. Quantity
  3. Price / Pricing terms and conditions
  4. Delivery terms
  5. Destination (named place of destination for rail freight)
  6. Delivery time
  7. Mode of transport
  8. Payment terms and conditions

The order for the purchase of products is to be signed by an authorized person, stamped by the organization and faxed to the attention of Maxim Andriasov, First Vice President, Refining and Commerce of PJSOC Bashneft, at +7 (495) 228-15-97.

PJSOC Bashneft reserves the right to ignore the orders if the form is improperly filled out or if the order is not submitted in writing.