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Shareholder Information

In accordance with Russian legislation, Bashneft upholds the Shareholders’ right to obtain information about the Company by providing them with access to internal documents and their copies. The means of information access are selected by the Shareholder.

Information and/or documents are provided by the Company within 7 days of a request for information, at the location of the executive body of the Company. At the Shareholders request the Company provides the Shareholder with copies of requested documents or the opportunity to review them.

If a shareholder has a personal account in the shareholder register maintained by the registrar, or a custody account in the depository maintaining the record of the rights to the specified shares, the request signed by such Shareholder or his representative must be accompanied by a corresponding statement.

To cover copying expenses, please use the following bank details:

Recipient: OAO Bashneft
INN / KPP: 0274051582/997150001
OKPO: 00135645
Bank Name: Branch of OAO VTB in Ufa
Correspondent account: 30 101 810 180 730 000 777
BIC: 048073777
Current account: 40 702 810 400 130 000 157

The cost of copying the documents is 7.08 rubles per sheet (including VAT).

The fee for providing copies of documents is based on the approved price list.